Effects of Covid 19 on Kids

Effects Of Covid 19 On Kids

All children, of all ages, and in all countries, are being affected by Covid 19. According to the Global Study, there are some hidden impacts of Covid 19 on children’s health, education, nutrition, and wellbeing. According to the study 8 in 10 children felt that they are not learning or learning very little and on the other hand two-thirds of the parents think that their child has not received any contact from their teacher from the lockdown. According to UNICEF “More than 1 billion children are at risk of falling behind due to school closures aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.”

This school closure led to inexpedient adverse effects on the psychological health of children. Children unveiled to these events can hasten the development of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood disorders, and other mental illnesses. Additionally, children's healthy daily routines have been interrupted due to COVID-19, which leads to the stress and sleep difficulties of many children. Mental health is said to be the regulation of our emotions, psychology, and our social well-being, how we think and act. Our physical health and mental health are independent, and they both work together to make us who we are. Depression, a sign of mental illness, can limit rational thinking and increase the risk of other health problems, like diabetes. It is very important to make a balance between mental health as well as physical fitness.