The Show

The goal of this “theme festival” is to create awareness on kids’ fitness through knowledge sharing, competition, and live experiences. This festival will speak to a wide target group, i.e., kids and their parents as well as sports/fitness enthusiasts. Fitness experts, child counselors, fitness gurus, doctors, teachers, policy makers, influencers, government officials and various sport celebrities will be sharing their journey with these young enthusiasts who will shape the future. KFF is planned to be organised across nation throughout the year to build a community that believes in the overall development of a Child, be it mental capacity or Physical strength.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Media’s Black Horse - By sponsoring an important cause, you will attract media attention, set your company apart and above, as well as inspire brand loyalty.

  • Foster a positive reputation - Reputation of the brand is everything and general sentiment of honorable cause always works wonder among the clients.

  • Build business relationships - Get a change to grow your network and have interaction with the speakers and exhibitors from various backgrounds

  • Engage niche markets - You will get your perfect audience at this event which will suit your requirements from this event.

  • Boost brand visibility - As we have guests and exhibitors invited from different fields, your brand will get visibility that it always needed to accelerate the growth.

  • Gain a competitive advantage - Being ahead of your competition is always the topmost agenda for any Brand. This Event will give you the opportunity for one on one marketing to the clients.

  • Establish credibility - As a sponsor, you can position your brand as a credible authority in its broad and niche industry.

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